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Virtual Voiceover Coaching

I am a VoiceOver career coach. I love working with a willing client to share my perspective of the world of voiceover in one-on-one sessions. I particularly enjoy guiding clients with inherent talent and motivation to a higher and more competitive level of operating their business. I enjoy guiding most anyone who has a genuine desire to build a career – as opposed to those who are quick to want to make a demo, take the lowest rate, and “make some fast money.” If a student comes to me with such a goal, I do my best to steer him or her onto a new path, one that respects the craft and those who seek excellence in it.

The foundation of my coaching is encouragement.  I aspire to find what is unique to the person I’m coaching and bring it to light. I aspire to allay the fears and anxieties that often come with jumping into a career in voiceover or revitalizing one that has gone quiet. Too often we think there is only one road to success, or that success happens in only one region of the country. This is entirely untrue. I seek to help clients understand they can and most often will do best by blooming right where they are planted.  There are no hard and fast rules about what makes a successful voiceover career. Ideally, yours will be as unique as you are.


One-On-One VO Career Guidance

Let’s create a career roadmap specific to you – who you are, where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. Session topics can include branding and imaging, demos, websites, agent relationships, and pay-to-play, And, of course, plenty of encouragement.

Rate: $200 per one 50 minute session


One-On-One VO Career Guidance

Package of Four:

Four 50-minute sessions at a reduced per-session rate.

Rate: $650 paid at first session.


20 Minute Audition Coaching

Need some quick help deciphering an audition?

Commercial, Video Game, Promo, Animation.

Book 20 minutes and we’ll get you squared away so you can turn in your best performance!

20 minutes: $50. Two pieces of copy maximum.

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Weekend Workshops focusing on my specialty: Brand Imaging TV Commercial Coaching. For between 8 and 12 students.

Brand Imaging TV commercials are unique in the world of Commercial Voice Acting. Many of the customary rules of commercial VoiceOver don’t apply, and voice actors can be easily thrown by this unusual, but potentially lucrative and often prestigious commercial audition when it drops into their inbox! This is my favorite niche in Commercials. 

Workshops provide a lively atmosphere where students can learn from one another, and allow a greater opportunity for more varied and detailed question and answer time. They make for more in-depth training in a shorter amount of time. Two day workshops are ideal. One evening, and one full day.

Do you have a group of voice actors in your area who’d like a weekend workshop? I travel and teach all over the country and various parts of the world.

Online group coaching is an affordable alternative as well.


Keynote and Conference Speaking

Keynote Speaking at voiceover conventions and seminars, highlighting, in particular, my experience as a 3-decades-and-still-going-strong female voice actor, as well as the highs, the lows, the hurdles, the road blocks and, most importantly, the gifts of re-creation and re-focusing in cultivating a lifelong career.

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